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FUKT Playwright, Emma Goldman-Sherman, describes the play as part of a larger movement of using theatre as a healing modality. We aim to not only entertain but to also provide hope to anyone who may be affected by trauma and sexual assault.

After each performance, audience members attending in-person are welcome to stay in the space for a community gathering.

FUKT Director, Janice L. Goldberg, invites you to explore the resources below. The below information nowhere near encompasses all of the support out there. Healing from trauma is deeply personal, and we encourage you to seek organizations/tools/people that serve your needs.

Me Too Logo

Me Too seeks "reframe and expand the global conversation around sexual violence to speak to the needs of a broader spectrum of survivors, including young people, queer, trans, and disabled folks, Black women and girls, and all communities of color."

Saprea Logo

"Saprea exists to liberate individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts. "

Women’s Justice NOW Logo

Women’s Justice NOW's "My Story, My Terms" initiative "empower[s] and equip[s] survivors with the tools they need to lead with their own voices and define their own healing journeys."

#SameHere Logo

#SameHere aims to "normalize society’s perception of mental health and make it part of our everyday conversation." 

Jeanne Lauren Smith

Jeanne Lauren Smith "is dedicated to offering mindfulness practices in a kind, relatable and trauma-informed way."

bocarecoverycenter logo.PNG is a free web resource and 24/7 helpline that provides information and support to people fighting physical, emotional, or sexual abuse and addiction.

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"The global mission of Take Back The Night Foundation as a charitable 501(c)(3) Foundation is to end all forms of sexual violence and to support survivors in their healing journeys." A portion of every ticket sold will go towards TBTN.

1in6 Logo

1in6 helps "men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences live healthier, happier lives." 

Insight Timer Logo
Insight Timer is a free app that offers thousands of meditations on a variety of topics.
Julia Barclay

Julia Barclay "teach[es] gentle, healing yoga classes for Every Body... [their] teaching is trauma-informed and neurodiversity-friendly."

Hannah Uiri

Hannah Uiri is a trauma-informed yoga instructor and a trauma survivor. She believes that "the way to find lasting relief and healing, is through the body." 


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Our mission is Simple - To help you heal from the trauma of your past and give you the tools to manage and cope with trauma in the future.

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We believe freedom from physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological harm is a basic human right of all individuals. The resources we provide are intended for individuals who have experienced sexual assault or abuse and are seeking support.

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