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"Can we run from our past? Tuck it down deep inside and forget about it?

Or must we confront it no matter what?"

-(Cameron Houg, The New Play Exchange)


FUKT, by Emma Goldman-Sherman, is a new uplifting dark comedy that inspires us to own our past and get on with our lives. 


FUKT seemingly begins as a solo show about why Emma changed her name.  Enter Barbara and Bobbie who steal the spotlight and demand to be included. Quarreling (and zombies and a striptease) ensues as the women's memories and perspectives collide. Through the chaos, we're left with a playful, yet personal story about moving the "FUK" on from childhood trauma.


FUKT is a proud Bay Area Playwrights 2020 Finalist, Unicorn Theatre 2020 Finalist, and a highly recommended piece on The New Play Exchange (hear what they have to say).

CONTENT WARNING: for fisticuffs, gunshots, a silencing male voice and frank discussion of sexual abuse.

The Play

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Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

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"This... show is like nothing you have ever witnessed. It will destroy you and bring you back to a happy warm spotlight in the end."

-Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn, The New Play Exchange

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